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Fully equipped 52 foot Ocean Alexander yacht.  Her home berth is Bellingham, WA.

US Coast Guard Licensed Captain (Master) with over 20+ years at the helm.

The San Juan Island Archapelago consists of a staggering 128 islands, and well over 478 miles of shoreline.

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Why choose a short term skippered cruise?

The vast majority of people aren't able to enjoy our coastal waters on a boat because the requirements to charter a large boat are substantial.  And yet Bellingham sits at the edge of some of the most beautiful boating waters in the world.  The ocean, the islands, the serene bays and all the creatures of the sea...from eagles plucking fish from the water, to seals and sea lions basking in the sun, to orcas cruising through the water with such grace.  The experience of being on the water, even for the day, is truly magnificent.

Put your feet up, relax and enjoy the ride....

     1.  No previous experience operating a yacht required because we will look after that.

     2.  Reservations can be made within 24 hours of departure (if available).

     3.  Three HOUR minimum rental period

     4.  Cost: From $85 - $265 per person  (Maximum: 6 guests)

The San Juan Islands consists of over 400 islands and rocks in the archipelago, 128 of which are named, and over 478 miles (769 km) of shoreline.  The majority of the San Juan Islands are quite hilly with some flat areas and valleys, often quite fertile, in between. The tallest peak is Mount Constitution, on Orcas Island, at almost exactly a half-mile (800 m) elevation. The coastlines are a mix of sandy and rocky beaches, shallow and deep harbors, placid and reef-studded bays. Gnarled, ochre-colored madrona trees (Arbutus) grace much of the shorelines while evergreen fir and pine forests cover large inland areas.

Experience the San Juan Islands on a...

skippered 52 foot private yacht for 1 to 3 days!

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2014 Best of Western WA Awards

Winner: #1 Cruise in Bellingham, WA

Finalist: #4 Cruise in Washington State

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